Riches In Christ – Part 1

Riches In Christ – Part 1


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Have you ever wished you were rich? Not kinda rich but filthy rich?
What if you were and you didn’t know it?
How would it change your life?
How would it change the life of those around you?

Today Lead Pastor John Almquist starts a new series on Ephesians where we learn more about our identity in Christ Jesus.


Ephesians 1:1-2
Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,
To the saints who are in Ephesus, and are faithful in Christ Jesus:
race to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.



1. How do Christians at times operate as if they are spiritually poor? How has this impacted your life personally?

2. When you think of Christianity, do you think of it as “fire insurance”? If not, what are blessings or riches that come with the faith?

3. When you think about the Apostle Paul, what characteristic of his life do you most admire? What are ways you could intentionally grow in that area in 2018?

4. Knowing that the Apostle Paul wrote this while in prison, how does that change the way you think about the spiritual blessings God has given you?

5. How is the city of Ephesus like the modern day cities we find ourselves surrounded by today? While Ephesus worshipped many deities, what are the deities you find our culture celebrating and worshipping today?

6. Knowing that this letter was written to a recently planted and still establishing church, how do you feel that makes it particularly relevant for us at The Springs Community Church?

7. Why do you think Paul categories the first half of his epistle to be summarized as our “Wealth in Christ,” and the last 3 chapters as our “Walk in Christ”?

8. When Christians talk about “Identity in Christ,” what does that mean to you? How do you think knowing our Christian identity informs our obedience?

9. Remember the statement, “In Christ, you’re rich, so live like it.” What does that statement mean to you? What does it mean to spiritually rich and then live according to those riches?

10. If The Springs were to grasp the core truth of this epistle that all believers are “rich in Christ,” how do you think that would transform our body? How can you personally play a role in being a part of that transformation?


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