Listen to the finale of this series as we strive to properly align our view of ourselves with God’s view of us through Christ Jesus. Join us Sunday’s 10 AM at the McKenna Event Center in New Braunfels, TX or watch here online.

When you think of Scripture, what comes to mind? Some of the thoughts may be… boring, confusing, irrelevant, unessential, as well as amazing, transformative, and powerful. While we all have our own view of the importance of Scripture, today we are going to see learn King David’s view. David was a king who had everything, yet the thing he valued most, was the Word of God. Listen today as we strive to treasure Scripture as we kick-off our new series, Sweeter Than Honey.

Often times, the last thing we choose to say to someone is often the most important. This is why so many of us end notes, letters, and emails with the simple line, “I love you.” Paul is going to close out the book of Ephesians with what matters most – how we are called to love. Listen today to see not only how we are instructed to love, but also how the Ephesians church responds to that love over time.