Pursuing Spiritual Growth

Pursuing Spiritual Growth


How do you process spiritual growth with your community group?


Here are some questions to help you as you work to grow together.


Does anyone attending your community group need to finish the membership process?
How can you hold each other accountable to having the membership conversation and taking action?


How often do you engage in spiritual conversations with those who are far from the Lord?
Would you say this is a distinctive value for each member of your community group?
How can you hold each other accountable to grow in sharing your faith this year?


Share with your community group how you are doing at spending personal time with the Lord.
In what ways would you like to grow in the spiritual disciplines?
What ways can your community group ensure each member is practicing the disciplines on a regular basis?


How well did you pursue relationally the members of your group?
How well do you feel they pursued you?
Discuss now the expectations for relational engagement in your group and how to meet those expectations.


What would you say was your biggest sin struggle or temptation the previous year?
What steps would you like to take this year to root out this pattern in your life?
How can your community come alongside you in this effort?


Is there any unresolved conflict in your life from the previous year?
Share with your community group what is holding you back from making amends and/or reconciliation.
What is one step you can take toward resolving this conflict?


What efforts did you make this past year to better equip yourself in the Bible and theology?
What benefits did you see from those steps?
Take some time as a community to map out a plan to continue to equip yourself this year.


Where did you spend your time serving the Lord and His people this past year?
In what ways were your gifts being used and in what ways would you like to see them further used this year?
How can your community better serve both individually and corporately this year?