Non-Cash Gifts

Most of us have an old cell phone, a tablet that you’ve outgrown, a laptop that’s too slow, a gaming console no one plays with or maybe even a Winnebago that has seen better days.
The Springs is dedicated to advancing God’s Great Commandment (Mat 22:37-40) through His Great Commission (Mat 28:18-20). We are grateful for our family of believers who dedicate their precious time, talent and treasures. We take this responsibility and stewardship with much prayer and meditation on Scripture and how God would use each of these for His Glory and our ultimate good (Rom 8:28).

As resourceful people (1 Cor 9:22) we have partnered with iDonate in assisting us in the collection and processing of non-cash donations. As a body largely made-up of volunteers with various skills, we value their assistance in helping you donate your valuable gifts to advancing God’s Kingdom and impacting our local community through The Springs.


Can my friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers donate?
Yes! Anyone can participate and proceeds will go directly to The Springs. Forward this link to anyone and they can donate online. (


Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes – iDonate helps us collect and liquidate non-cash items and iDonate receives a portion of the proceeds where necessary to cover their expenses and efforts. The remainder is sent direct to The Springs. Your entire donation is tax-deductible through The Springs.


Who is iDonate?
iDonate is a Dallas, Texas based company helping organizations with online fund-raising solutions. iDonate partners with organizations such as ACS Technologies (The City), and National Christian Foundation serving organizations like Abba Fund (Chosen Marathons for Adoption Assistance) and the Susan G Komen Foundation.

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